Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Award Time

Hey Friends ....
  Today I received an award 3 times from my co-bloggers :-)

 I received it from :

Priya :  

Sheelu :

Sherin :

Just want to say Big Thanks to Priya, Sheelu and Sherin :-)

Lots of Hugs and love :-)

7 things about me :

  1. By profession I am teacher but  right now I am a housewife from Bangalore.
  2. My son keeps me on toe for 24 hrs...I love to play with him, love to cook for him ..
  3. My hubby and my friend Deeptima inspired me too start my own blog.
  4. I love to shop, cook, surfing and writing for my blog.
  5. I love cooking food before my marriage only, earlier my brother used to demand new dishes and after marriage my hubby demands the same.
  6. I love Chinese and Mughlai food.
  7. I am very possessive about my family, Love them a lot and always want to keep them happy.

I am sharing this Award with my friends :

Meena B
Divya Pramil
Asiya Omar
Anu Shoj
Ridhi Jholapara
Rasa Nandini
Nithu Bala
Tamilsasi Cusine
Shama Nagarajan
Neha Mathur


Divya A said...

Congrats dear :)Loved to read and know more about you :) Thanks for sharing the award with me dear....
Keep rocking as always!
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Sherin said...

Congrats dear on ur three awards. WOW. Keep going girl

meenab said...

hey shruti congrats on ur awards and thanks for passing on

ah u r teacher no wonder u were able to guide me on tht chashni hehe and i did make it

Mysore pak
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Unknown said...

Congrats Shruti:)

Unknown said...

Lovely to know more about you Shruti, for your mysore pak itself we can give 5 awards :P

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Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Thanks all for your love and support :-)

Unknown said...

congrats shruti..

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Thanks Preeti :-)

virunthu unna vaanga said...

nice know about you dear... congrats for your award... wish to get many more...
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Unknown said...

Congrats dear...Thnx for sharing ...