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Hi Friends ,

Kya! Phir se lauki? Kya! Phir se Bhindi? Kya! Phir se wahi chicken?? Sounds Similar !!!!! 

And after some time restaurants also seem to serve you same food ( remember buffets!!!)
My family's demand lead me to experiment with food and have created some tasty,healthy and quick recipes. Although I am a teacher by profession, I have always been passionate about cooking but never knew it could be so creative, fulfilling and gather you kudos from your family and friends.

My Husband gave me the idea of sharing these recipes and start my own blog ( He has a hidden agenda, he wants me to make more and more dishes to feed his appetite of variety ;-) 
Through this blog, will share my recipes with you all ( After trial on "Guess who").

Welcome to my cooking blog and I hope you find it useful. Your reviews and feedback are always welcome.


Nidhi Pandey said...

Hi Shruti!
I found your blog pretty interesting..
I myself ahve developed the love for cooking after marriage...but the reason is me myself..coz my Mum was an amazing cook..and since I have been addicted to having good food made by her..now I try to make things which are atleast half as good as she makes them :)

I run a blog on nutrition and health
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Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Thank you so much Nidhi for visiting my blog :-)
Joined your blog too !!!!

Unknown said...

good to know about you..

Nice organised space..

visit me sometime ..


Eat n Eat little More said...

Good to know more about you.. :)
I'm glad to follow you.. :)

Unknown said...


I found your blog really helpful as i have just started to learn cooking,your blog has is really a great help for me

thank you so much shruti