Monday, 16 September 2013

South Indian Cooking (SIC) Series Event

Hi Friends,
     From Delhi but staying in Bangalore has made me a South Indian Food Lover. Love to have dosas, idlis and curd rice at-least twice a week.
This love towards South Indian Cooking inspired me to host Anu's event in my blog.
She has started SIC (South Indian Cooking) event long back and gave me an opportunity to host the event in my space. Thanks a-lot Anu for that.

Event Rules:
  • Use of LOGO is MANDATORY, as it will help to spread the word.
  •  Link back to the Anu's Event Page and My Event page is necessary.
  • Event Start Date is September 15th and Ends on November 15th (a 2 month event).
  • Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian recipes are allowed.
  • ANY number of entries are most welcome.
  • Archived posts are also welcome, but please re-post it with the even logo and link to this event page. 
  • Non-Bloggers are welcome to participate, send in your recipe to
  • Bloggers can link to the corresponding the end of this page. If you find it difficult to link can also email me your recipe at

(NOTE: Please link the recipes according to the states names pls, and make sure if at all you make a mistake, you inform me about for me to correct it, else the entry will be deleted.)
( Please combine Pondicherry and Goa as one state entry)

So Friends waiting for your lip smacking recipes :)


Unknown said...

Thank you Shruti...for hosting the event...gud luck!!


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Pooja Mittal said...

Nice event doll, i wish i knew some south indian recipe to participate in it..
Keep in touch,

Swathi said...

Very nice event sure I will send some entries. Happy hosting.

Unknown said...

nice shruti..
do participate in my ongoing giveaway to win free flipkart vouchers here

Rafeeda AR said...

will definitely send in some entries... :)

Unknown said...

Happy hosting shruti :) very nice event !!

Unknown said...

nice event dear..

my recent one :

pepper bowl said...

Wow ...lovely event...loved your blog too:)

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Thanks Friends :)
Please do participate :)

Priya said...

Hi shruti added entries without state names .can you please correct it .
Lemon semolina bath-karnataka.

Priya said...

Hi shruti ,
Some of my entries are without state names.Can you please correct it .I am not able to delete the post.
piratal,Rock candy rice,tomato pulav (tamilnadu)
Lemon semolina bath,Pesarattu(andhra pradesh)