Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sunfeast Pasta (Review)

Hi Friends...
Today I am not posting any recipe made by me ... I am writing my review on Sunfeast Pasta. Pasta is loved by everyone in our family, whether its in white sauce or tomato sauce. Once in a week I make pasta at home adding veggies....
The other day my husband demanded pasta on very short notice so I made instant  pasta from sunfeast  and boy it was liked by everyone at my place. My son loved it too...So I decided to keep different flavours of pasta at home for my kido :-)

It comes in 6 different flavours 

  • Masala 
  • Tomato cheese 
  • Sour cream onion
  • Cheese 
  • Pizza 
  • Chicken

My favourite one is sour cream onion, my son loves masala and tomato cheese. Its instant pasta that can be made within ten minutes.As wheat is the main ingredient of the pasta so its healthy too. In additional you can add veggies ( blanched broccoli, carrot, beans, mushroom, jalapeno, olives) also.

Method of preparation:
Just boil 270 ml of water, open sunfeast pasta along with the tastemaker (inside the pack) and 1 1/2 tsp butter ( optional).
Cook for 5-6 mins on medium flame,stirring continously.
Allow pasta to stand for 1-2 mins with lid on, your pasta is now ready to serve.
Serve hot.

Main Ingredients: Wheat.
MRP: Rs 15 for 70 gms


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